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Baltic Scope Brochure series

We made 8 brochures in series for Baltic Scope, total of more than 500 pages of not just text, but big tables, checklists, graphics, charts, maps and images:
1. Recommendations on Maritime Spatial Planning Across Borders
2. Coherent Cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning for the Southwest Baltic Sea – Results from Baltic SCOPE
3. Towards Coherent Cross-Border Maritime Spatial Planning in the Central Baltic Sea – Case Study Report From the Baltic SCOPE Project
4. Lessons Learned: Obstacles and Enablers When Tackling the Challenges of Cross-Border Maritime Spatial Planning – Experiences from Baltic SCOPE
5. The Ecosystem Approach in Maritime Spatial Planning – A Checklist Toolbox
6. Mapping Maritime Activities within the Baltic Sea
7. Evaluation and Monitoring of Transboundary Aspects of Maritime Spatial Planning – a Methodological Guidance
8. Development of a Maritime Spatial Plan: The Latvian Recipe


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Here are some examples(for better experience you can view them in full screen):

This one was made like check-list, where users can fill up information by themselves.

Some nice charts made by using special fonts.

Here is some long tables and maps:

One brochure in PL language:

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