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Baltic Scope folded booklet

Booklet about how BalticScope works.

It was 1st step before all those 8 brochures (you can see them here) were made and style from this booklet was used in those brochures.

We made 3 different styles, and first one were chosen.

  • BalticScope_1v_labots-4
  • BalticScope_1v_labots-1
  • BalticScope_1v_labots-2
  • BalticScope_1v_labots-3
  • BalticScope_3varianti-8
  • BalticScope_3varianti-6
  • BalticScope_3varianti-7
  • BalticScope_3varianti-12
  • BalticScope_3varianti-10
  • BalticScope_3varianti-11